Clydesdale & Athena Info

Clydesdale & Athena Info


The Clydesdale/Athena Divisions are separate, optional race divisions. These two divisions will be treated just like two Individual Age Group Divisions with regards to awards. If you choose to race one of these divisions, you can only win in this division and as an overall winner. You will not race against your age group.

Athena Division qualifications: To race in the Athena Division, you must be a woman weighing more than 150 pounds.

Clydesdale Division qualifications: To race in the Clydesdale division, you must be a man weighing more than 200 pounds.

Athletes registering in the Clydesdale/Athena Divisions will be required to weigh-in at Packet Pick Up without shoes or bulky clothing, i.e. heavy jackets, etc. No, it’s not as bad as the Airport!

Clydesdale and Athena Winners

Clydesdale and Athena Winners of the Halloween Marathon and Halloween Half will receive engraved glass trophies and Customizable Plaques. These awards will be given three deep for both the male and female overall Clydesdale and Athena Finishers.
Clydesdale and Athena Winners Trophies
Plaques for Age Group Winners